The City of Albox, one of the first of Andalusia in solar energy only nourished

Solar panels located on the roof of City Hall.

Solar panels located on the roof of City Hall.
Solar panels located on the roof of City Hall.

The 38 solar panels installed on the roof of the City of Albox have begun to supply its entire municipal energy needed for operation. The Consistory of Albox has thus become the first in the province of Almeria and one of the pioneers in Andalusia in the use of renewable energy for electricity nourish their dependencies.

Since June, the PV system is the only energy source that 'feeds’ municipal facilities located on the street Rosario, making them fully sustainable energy. Thus, the Albox is the first municipality in the province of Almería to obtain the 100% of the energy needed for its operation through the Sun. In this sense, the building is connected to the mains but only attend this source when watts are needed for intense occasional consumption or a cloudy day. Thus, the power supply is always guaranteed, either through the photovoltaic production itself, conventional network or the sum of both systems.

clean and sustainable energy Councilman Innovation, Tito Carrillo, It stresses that "so our town has become one of the first of Andalusia sunlight that feeds their municipal", a clear commitment to renewable and sustainable energy.

"With this investment we seek not only cost savings but care for the environment by taking advantage of natural energy sources with which we, such as sunlight, especially generous in our land ", Carrillo explains. The savings expected by the City Council on energy round 10.000 annual euros. Given the investment 26.853 euros, saving for municipal coffers will arrive in less than three years.

The mayor explained that "the government must set an example in all respects and renewable energy can not be less. We hope that our initiative will encourage citizens greater or lesser extent to bet on renewable energy although it is also essential to the will of a central government sensitized to these policies ".


The photovoltaic system albojense Hall shall be sized to produce only the energy needed for consumption, avoiding excess production they are usually discharged into the conventional network. So, the maximum power generated will conform to current legislation in relation to consumption and will always be below 100 kilowatt, due to the number of plates to be installed (38) and will produce enough energy to serve the needs of the consistory.