The City Council will decide whether Albox Center Water and Health after consulting the Advisory.

Rogelio Mena notes that the Advisory Council of Andalusia has cleared all doubts about the work, endorsing the legality of ransom.

The full City Council will terminate Albox, Tuesday morning, the contract for the construction and operation of the Center for Water and Health, after the Advisory Council of Andalusia has issued a report which supports the legality of ransom that seeks to make the government team. The Mayor, Socialist Rogelio Mena, stressed that this report is to "dispel all doubts" about what happened to these facilities, so the contract with the concessionaire "can finally be solved" at the plenary session on Tuesday.
The report issued by the Advisory Council of Andalusia detailing the contractor of the Center for Water and Health made a "culpable breach" of the period of execution of the work, "Therefore be the resolution" of the contract he signed with the City to grant this public work, as set out in the Law on Public Sector.
The team Albox Socialist government has expressed "satisfaction" with this opinion, giving reason to Albojense Corporation and opens the door to redeem the concession Water Center, having demonstrated that there was a breach of contract by the concessionaire.
The mayor recalled that the government team has been "condescending enough with the company, since the work had a scheduled execution time of 18 months, however, when in March 2013 the council decided to initiate the process to terminate the contract, had passed away 29 months ".
This opinion of the Advisory Council, morning and once you approve the termination of the contract, City Council may directly Albox manage Water and Health Center or award of new work to another company. Mena explains, in any case, the objective is to "the center can open its doors this summer, to albojenses and residents of the region can enjoy the facilities as a whole, both the indoor pool and new gym, already concluded, and the outdoor pool, now you can build ".