Albox City Council renews the protocol in cases of domestic violence.

Albox City Council has renewed the protocol of action against gender violence that coordinates the work of the local police, health services, social services and legal services against such violence. Updating and renewal protocol signed Wednesday afternoon is a pioneer in the work of municipalities to combat violence against women initiative, allowing a more rapid and effective assistance to victims of gender violence in Albox. In preparing the document and its operation are involved Centres of Community and Social Services, Municipal Service Center Women, Local Police Albox, Center of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The event which has occurred the signing ceremony was held in the auditorium of Federico García Lorca City Council chaired by Paqui Cano Albox, legal adviser to the Municipal Center for Women, Socialist Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, Coordinator of the Andalusian Institute for Women, Francisca Serrano and the deputy provincial delegate of Equality, Elisa Fernández.

Thereby, Albox Town Hall, Junta de Andalucía and Almería County Council have collaborated with this initiative permitting attention to those who suffer domestic violence and their families, improving the effectiveness of the intervention and preventing victims go through the same process several times.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, explained that this municipal protocol "coordinates all the activities of the various authorities from the City Council to prevent one more victims of gender violence exists neither". The municipal mayor said that the city works "constantly and permanently" in eradicating violence against women and promoting gender equality policies. "Nobody is owned by anyone. They are citizens with rights and equal ", He said Rogelio Mena.

Constant work for equality

The implementation of prevention and care initiatives if violence is constant by the City of Albox, such as the program of lectures against this type of violence and anti-bullying in schools and colleges of the municipality with the collaboration of the Forces of State Security.

The representatives of the authorities present at the event, the Andalusian and the Provincial de Almería, agreed to place the work of the town of Albox and City Council against gender violence as an example for the rest and gave congratulate the albojenses and his government team for the daily work being done in this regard.