Albox Town Hall recovers two spaces left to its value as entertainment areas

Plaza Potters.

Plaza Potters.

Albox City Council works these days in creating and beautifying two spaces that have been abandoned for years and which will become exploitable entertainment and recreation for all residents of the town. The first performances took place in the new Plaza de los Alfareros, a small square that is located on a plot that until the beginning of their rehabilitation months ago accumulated dirt and debris. Now it has become a plaza with benches and trees urbanized and serves as a tribute to a historical craft to Albox like the potter.

This week has been installed in the Plaza de los Alfareros murals that pay homage to this craft developed by 'Antonio Puntas', one of the potters who still safeguarding this historical and cultural work. The Mayor, Small towers Francisco, He explained that "the initiative came from the mayor serves to honor all families of potters Albox, that its work over decades have put the name of Albox on the map of national handicrafts, In addition to creating a place for walking and enjoyment of neighbors where there was previously only trash ".

The space is located at Purchena, behind the block of buildings where the Conservatory is located. With a performance driven by the mayor this place has ceased to be an inhospitable land to be transformed into a playground and enjoyment by residents, and also it is at the entrance of a historic district like the Barrio de San Antonio. Mayor intention is to convert this square "in an open-air museum where you can show and admire works of this traditional artisan craft albojense as is the pottery".

For another area of ​​the municipality, close to IES Cardenal Cisneros, Plaza del Carmen, the albojense Mayor also announced playground improvements found in this public space. Specifically, Francisco Torrecillas has announced that "we will improve the cleanliness of this area" while the enclosure for children's play will be extended "in 50% plus", plus the installation of "new trees and new games for children". In fact the work of cleaning and tidying Park Plaza del Carmen have already begun and will continue in the coming weeks with the expansion and installation of new elements announced by the mayor.