The City Council promotes the participation of Albox 25 youth in a cooperative project with Morocco.

The initiative, funded by IAJ, seeks to cultivate values ​​of solidarity and respect, besides ending the topics on the neighboring country.

The socialist government team Albox Town Hall has promoted the participation of 25 youth of the town in a project's development cooperation with Morocco, which has been funded by the Andalusian Institute of Youth (IAJ)- in that, have been highlighted as, aim to cultivate in them the values ​​of solidarity and respect, and contribute to ending the topics on the neighboring country.

The project, organized by the albojense own town under the title 'An experience of development cooperation: Training and Immersion ', has been developed over the past seven months through various stages. The first one consisted of the formation of 25 youth development cooperation, stressing knowledge and analysis of inequality that can be found in the world.

Then, social activities that young people have performed in the city as volunteers among which a workshop immersion in Moroccan culture in the Hospice of the Bulge were designed and, last, stay in Alhucemas solidarity which started last 3 August- so that 11 travelers between 16 and 23 years can see first hand both the cooperation implemented by the NGO in this area as CERAI Moroccan culture. After his return, participants will make several presentations at institutes providing its experience, in order that his testimony will serve to raise awareness about the reality of Morocco and to eliminate prejudice.

With respect to this initiative, Mayor of Albox, Socialist Rogelio Mena, He said that "we are very proud of our boys and girls can be formed in more subjects than purely theoretical, and can learn about other cultures and that, clearly, will make them better people and better career in the future ".

In this regard, He also stressed that "the fact that young people have been involved in organized social activities within this project has been a great joy, and that participation shows that our people continue to enjoy good health in relation to the claim and civic awareness by the collective, of his maverick spirit that we need to improve things ".

For his part, Councillor for Youth, Tito Carrillo, has assessed that "we are them albojenses, by definition, hospitable and caring "and" that makes continued -has- that the Corporation is a moral obligation to try to inculcate these values ​​to our youth through all actions and activities that can launch, and this is a great example of it ".

Also, Carrillo said that "the participants in this collaborative initiative have kept the excitement and joy of learning during the seven months that lasted" and, has advanced, "No doubt that will be the same when they have moved their experiences to the students of the Institute who are waiting for them".

Conclusion, from the socialist government team have shown their commitment to developing a program of activities to meet the demands of young people during the summer and have advanced to the 18 August will begin its activity in both the gym and other activities aimed -Pilates, spinning, Zumba o judo, inter- at the Center for Water and Health Albox.