The City of Albox organize talks in schools against violence and harassment digital.

Albox General

Mayor highlights the Council's commitment against domestic terrorism in the first meeting of the Bureau against Gender Violence.

La Mesa police coordination against Gender Violence in Albox has agreed, at its first meeting, implementation of a program of lectures against gender violence and harassment digital, for adolescents Township. Within the work of prevention and early detection of this type of criminal conduct, Albox Town Council will organize talks in schools and colleges of the municipality, you explain to teenagers how to identify and prevent gender-based violence and harassment digital, it is that which is exercised through social networks or mobile phones.

The first meeting of the Bureau against Gender Violence, incorporated within the Local Security Albox, was chaired by the mayor of the municipality, Rogelio Mena, and was attended by representatives of the Prefectures, the Guardia Civil, Local Police and the Women's Center, addition to Deputy Mayor, Sonia Cerdán, and the Security council, Francisco Alfonso.

The meeting, the albojense Mayor expressed appreciation to the "excellent work" being done by the Civil Guard and local police, in coordination with the Prefectures. Mena said that "both the Home Office and the City of Albox are aware of the seriousness and persistence of the crimes committed in the family, and more specifically in cases of gender violence ". In this, those present were in agreement on the need to deepen the measures to protect victims, through proper coordination of both administrations, in order to prevent and avoid the risk of further attacks, so soon a partnership agreement will be signed, to this end, between the Home Office and the City of Albox.

Speaking, Mena emphasized the Council's commitment in the fight against crime and domestic terrorism and insisted that "promote the conditions for the exercise of fundamental rights, especially those related to freedom and personal safety, under the terms established in the Spanish Constitution, is what we are required to administrations and Security Forces, to protect the free exercise of rights and freedoms and ensure public safety ".