Albox City Council offers two proposals to the Council for the continuity of the fire service

Firehouse Albox.

Firehouse Albox.
Firehouse Albox.

The mayor of Albox has forwarded to the Provincial de Almería two proposals in order to reach an agreement that will allow the continuity of service Fire Fighting North Zone efficiently and ensuring the general interests of all the inhabitants of Almanzora and Los Vélez, that in recent decades has served the Fire of Albox.

The proposals were moved prior to and in person to the provincial deputy responsible for this matter, Isabel Belmonte, at a meeting with Mayor Francisco Torrecillas Monday. At that meeting, the mayor described as "constructive", Francisco Torrecillas put on the table proposals "in order to prevent the closure of Fire Station Albox".

In one of the proposals offered, the City offers an agreement to that from the 1 January 2017 is the Consistory which continues to exercise the powers in the service of firefighting for the Northern Zone to 31 December 2018.

Under this proposal, for 1 January 2017 the council must provide the new truck previously agreed and necessary for the park's operation and efficient assistance to populations in the area. In this sense, material requests are pending surrender firefighters are issued and which are equally necessary. For the work done by the staff of the City of Albox, it would receive an agreed periodic contribution between the parties.

Under this agreement, the Council should convene fire places necessary for 2017 and study the legal possibility to keep the park workers and officials working in the same. It is also proceed to 1 January 2018 the exercise by substituting the provision of fire fighting by the Council of Almería.

Thereby, It will constitute a 'Constitution Committee of Devolution’ in which it will be treated with complete transparency coordination for effective transfer of action on fire extinguishing County Council.

In a second proposal, the City offers the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Provincial de Almería the Consistory so that from the 1 January 2017 Provincial Administration incorporating exercise its powers staff officer of the City to the workforce Fire Station on secondment and studying the legal status of same for possible incorporation into the park staff. If not possible the incorporation of official personnel to the Council, for the work done by the staff of the City of Albox, it receive a periodic economic contribution that consensuaría between the parties.

Waiting for a response by the Provincial, Mayor Francisco Torrecillas recalled that "the City of Albox continues its roadmap and the extraordinary plenary session of next week we will take another step in this direction". Alderman emphasizes that "our intention is not to close the park but if we do not reach an understanding with the Council and will be in the next plenary session of the day 15 from December".