Albox Town Council appoint favorite son of the rector of the municipality UAL, Pedro Molina.

Albox General

Rogelio Mena highlights the strong ties of Albox with UAL, study in which more than 200 young people.

The Local Government of the City of Albox has agreed unanimously to appoint favorite son of the municipality to albojense Pedro Molina, rector of the University of Almería, who in 2015 retirement will cease in the position to which he agreed in 2007. This agreement was adopted at the meeting held last 17 October at the proposal of the mayor of the municipality, Rogelio Mena, and the Socialist spokesman, Matías Fernández García.

Pedro Garcia Molina (Albox, Almería. 1945), UAL rector from 2007, was re-elected to office in 2010 by a large majority against another aspiring rector. He is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Almeria from 1993, besides anthropologist. As such has done extensive research, many of them related to the province of Almeria and its development as an agricultural power.

The albojense Mayor highlighted the fact that Pedro Molina has always maintained close ties with his hometown, who travels frequently to visit family and friends. In its report, have been reported as, the memory remains unchanged Store "White and Black", run by their relatives, and their experiences in the family home, where he spent a happy childhood.

"Molina has always been to be Albox gala", has explained Rogelio Mena, "And feels very proud of his origins-his father was a schoolmaster, that made him turn very early his love of teaching ". Also very young, stressed the ruler, Molina expressed strong social commitment that continues today.

From the governing body of the City appreciate that since his appointment as rector and to date, Pedro Molina has tried to "bring the University" to all the people of the province, maintain close cooperation with government representatives albojenses.

Underline, moreover, Pedro Molina effort to bring the University to the north of the province and the Almanzora, peoples like Albox, of which a 200 Young studying on campus located in La Cañada.

Mena considered, also, that "Pedro Molina is one of the distinguished people of our land", so it has approved the grant of such outstanding distinction, to be ratified by the full in the near future.

Academic background

Molina is linked to the university since its inception in Almería, when the University did not exist as such, and it was still dependent College of the University of Granada. University Lecturer from 1988 up 1993, the 29 April of that year he was appointed Professor of the Faculty of Humanities at the UAL. He graduated in Philosophy from the University of Valencia in 1969 and earned his doctorate in this field and by the same university in 1986 with a study of Marxist-tragic vision of the world in the work of Lucien Goldman.

He began teaching at the University of Granada in 1970, Faculty of Arts. In 1978 he was a professor at University College Almería (still belonging to the UGR) and in the year 1993 got his place as University Professor of the Humanities Faculty of Almería, University of Granada. He earned his teaching that year.

Molina has developed a comprehensive teaching and research and has published a dozen books, some of them on Almería. Nowadays, preparing a book on a almeriense Arab writer of the twelfth century.