The City of Albox performs other 12 contracts with the youth employment plan.

Albox General

The firm support of the City of Albox with employment programs fostered by Junta de Andalucía continues with the new hiring 12 jóvenes dentro del plan de empl @ Young. These contracts are part of the 102 to be held from October last year until next April by the City of Albox.

The Socialist mayor of the municipality, Rogelio Mena, has been welcoming young newcomers to the Administration, to which he wished to "seize this great opportunity to gain experience and expand their knowledge" in the respective areas where they are operating.

As happened in the last quarter of 2014 with hiring 50 Young albojenses, the new additions will address relevant work related to the construction and arrangement of various parts of the municipality tasks, tasks plumbing, sociocultural, administrative and landscaping and beautification.

"It is wonderful to see the excitement in each of these people have found a job thanks to the investment of the Andalusian, that in the event will receive Albox 241.000 euros to carry out this program that is so necessary ", He said the mayor.

Youth Employment Plan

The Youth Employment Plan of the Andalusian became operational on 31 October, and beneficiaries are aged 18 and 29 years who have a contract up to six months. For Albox, projects in which it has based its contracts are for local services, cleaning, monitoring and upgrading of urban public spaces; development, protection and maintenance of green areas and promoting tourism and sport.

The Youth Employment Plan of the Andalusian became operational on 31 October in Albox and beneficiaries are young people between 18 and 29 years who were unemployed and have a contract of up to six months.