Albox City Council hoisted the rainbow flag all week.

The rainbow flag in defense of gay equality presides for the first time in the history of Albox the City Hall of the municipality. Throughout this week the flag will be hoisted on the International LGBT Pride Day (lesbian, gay, transsexual and bisexual) as a sign of support of the City of Albox and his government team to equality and the rights of this group in the town and around the world.

The event took place on the morning of Sunday, 28 June, coinciding with the pride parade, and it was attended by the mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, together with other councilors of the government team, family, neighbors and representatives of this group in the city.

"Albox has always been a united city, tolerant and committed to fight for the rights of different groups that have not yet achieved that equality as necessary throughout the world such as gay, still persecuted in many parts of the planet ", said the first mayor albojense. Rogelio Mena added that "much remains to be done in this regard but this week, from Albox, we have put our grain of sand to seek full equality between people regardless of their sexual orientation ".