Albox City Council informs neighbors Llano del Espino on the historical connection to piped water.

One hundred residents of the neighborhood of Llano del Espino have attended a meeting in which members of Team socialist government of the City of Albox have reported on the process that allows the inhabitants of this district first connect to the grid water and further benefit from the arrival of water.

In the meeting that occurred last week in the neighborhood albojense, neighbors showed great interest in the possibility of main access for the first time in history connections running water and mains.

This network benefits all areas of the Rambla de Albox: Source of Cairn, Llano de las Animas and Llano del Espino, whose neighbors had hitherto wells and pitchers who went to catch the water sources. A situation that has solved the socialist government of the City of Albox while has managed the arrival of water that has been classified as unfit for consumption in the town.

So Llano del Espino Mayor moved, Rogelio Mena, with councilors Sonia Cerdán, Francisco Matías Pérez García and to explain to the neighbors the process to hitch a rush of water mains. Matias Garcia stepped in and took stock of the steps taken by the Government of Albox in matters affecting the hamlet albojense. For his part, Mayor of Albox remembered his promise to reach the mayor two years to "break with an improper historical injustice of the XXI century and bring the slums as the Llano del Espino running water does and also safe to drink. The promises are worthless if they do not comply with facts. With facts like these neighbors can trust, I keep what I say "

Office in the neighborhood

Planning Office has again moved to the neighborhood Monday to provide the desired information to neighboring preventing its movement to the core of Albox. In just a few days about half a hundred residents were interested in the procedures to follow in order to connect to the mains water.

Councillor for Urbanism, Sonia Cerdán, It has been reported that thus Thursday 5 March the office of the Department will be available to all residents of 10 am to 12 noon at the premises of Surgery.