Rogelio Mena: "Those who have worked to take away the authorization and threatened to leave us without water since August are unlucky".

Albox City Council has made the Andalusian, through the Directorate General of Planning and Public Water Management of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, grant the municipality a one-year extension to continue to source water Negratín. The mayor of the municipality, Socialist Rogelio Mena, He said that "as the extension of the temporary authorization of water resources Negratín-Almanzora, albojenses're in luck again in spite of institutional disloyalty of some provincial administrations and local spokespeople ". "Those who have worked to take away the authorization and, even the day of the inauguration of the water treatment, They threatened to leave us without water since August are unlucky ", has added.
"From the team socialist government of the City of Albox believe that work is always a requirement for results and water condition we have not only made history, but since we are contributing equal rights and services to build the city that deserve albojenses ", he remarked.
Rogelio Mena recalled the "commitment" of the PSOE in Albox, "The conviction that it is worth the work to the public and solving community problems from the dignity of politics".

In this, He has promised "to continue to work and solutions". "We must break resignation, from the certainty that we are right and reason to build the future and demanding albojenses, as I said at the inauguration, more necessary than ever and shows us all the drive and enthusiasm to tackle the current economic and social situation is, for so I encourage anyone who is willing to participate in the development of Albox to work to make city and democracy together ", has completed.