Members of the association together with some councilors.
Members of the association together with some councilors.

Albox City Council has given for free to a local Fibromyalgia Association of Valle del Almanzora. the collective, which has a significant number of members and partner account so from now with some decent facilities chords to the activity carried out in the help and advice to those suffering from fibromyalgia, disease characterized by chronic muscle pain that may be accompanied by feelings of fatigue and other symptoms

The new facilities of the Fibromyalgia Association of Valle del Almanzora are located at the Sports Center Water and Health and has the space and the necessary conditions for the conduct of activities that the association usually carried out as workshops and meetings. So far the small size of the previous space made it difficult for the association to carry out such activities, a problem that has been solved with the transfer of the new premises by the City through mediation and facilities posts by managers gym albojense.

At the event representatives of the regional association and Sports coach Luis David Sanchez and the councilors of the government team were present Mario Torregrosa, Angel Pardo and Francisco Carrillo. "We knew the needs of this partnership for some time and we have always been willing to cooperate with the important work", said Councilman Francisco Carrillo. "With the transfer of the local to the association by the Ayuntaminto of Albox, those in the region who suffer from fibromyalgia have a decent space for their activities ", He added the mayor.

Since the association have thanked councilors for having "fought together for this achievement" and acknowledged the support of the members of the government team "for having had always fighting on our side".

Councillor for Sports, Mario Torregrosa, the transfer of the local Center Water and Health "shows that this is a space of first level sports is not only dedicated to sport and physical exercise, pure and simple, but it is primarily a social meeting point and coexistence for all albojenses ".