The City Council approved the PGOU marking a decisive step for urban regulation and development of Zurgena


January has become an important month for the municipality of Zurgena. And is that the approval of land-use planning (General Plan) It is a big step for the city, especially, in the final regularization of their territory marking the urban future of the city. De facto, the Consistory has already begun with the first explanatory meetings on the expected development to be undertaken in relation to safety and urban normality in Zurgena. The Mayor, Luis Diaz recalled the long process that has undergone urban plan; however he was satisfied to achieve this feat, which will open new possibilities for the urban situation of the municipality. "The purpose of this meeting is to reassure the British Commonwealth, one of the sectors of the population that has suffered this legal uncertainty ", He has detailed the mayor, who he is also representative of the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces in the Territorial Planning Commission Almería.

With this new development, Zurgena starts a new and historical stage, as it is the achievement of a historical process for the local authority and, turn, It is the key that opens the door to future growth of the town. "We are clear that we will continue working in different meetings. Once the document is published, We start with the regularization of all homes ", the mayor has detailed.

Among the objectives set by the Urban Plan are: allocate 30% of developable land for the construction of subsidized housing (VPO); with this performance and young families may choose to decent housing. Also, the document "includes projected different green areas" such as the neighboring urban park to the railway station, thanks to the acquisition of this area by the local authority. In all other green spaces such as the one located next to Parque Ginés Parra adds. It is also contemplated, according to the document itself, two industrial zones dedicated to the establishment of companies located in the places of Las Cobaticas and El Cucador. "The General Plan offers different resources, Without a doubt, They allow you to change the lives of many of our neighbors and that's the most important. We are very pleased with this approval, as it will allow us to work on sustainable development ", rated Luis Diaz.

It is recalled that the Territorial Planning Commission approved, permanently, the General Plan of Zurgena. It is the achievement of "a historic process" for the Consistory, according to municipal sources, It will allow the growth of both urban municipal level security. De facto, The document (approved by the Board) includes consolidated urban soils of different historical core of the town as, for example: the village of Zurgena, Chicago, the Alfoquía, The Cucador and Palacés, among many other nuclei of the municipality. "We thank all those who have worked and participated in this historic achievement and I want to, in a special way, Secretary of Municipal Policy, Antonio Martinez; whose work has been essential to achieve this step, as well as the delegate of Planning, Raúl Enríquez ", concluded Mayor.

Municipal sources report that the PGOU, prepared by the City of Zurgena, collects the spaces reserved for the construction of general systems and electrical substations and water treatment plants to improve the existing infrastructure, in addition to the provision of basic services for citizens of the municipality. The approval of the Territorial Planning Commission corroborates the approval of a General Plan supported, previously, Zurgena in plenary with the vote in favor of all political parties.