The Northern Area Health install a charging point for electric vehicles


Northern Health Area bid to reduce pollution and to add efforts for sustainable mobility. Within this line of work, the center has launched La Inmaculada Hospital of Huércal-Overa, a charging point for electric vehicles, open to the public and may be used by all those drivers of the region that have such cars.

This new charging point, pioneer in the Andalusian health, has two connection points are available to the public, in hours 08.00 a 15.00 hours. The team, shaped post, Type II provides jacks and sockets Schugo, in various combinations, enabling recharge mode 1-2 and Mode 3, depending on the chosen configuration.

The implementation of this loading device is part of the actions planned for the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Hospital La Inmaculada and is part of the Environmental Management System North Health District, that drives specific measures to improve the management of energy resources and reduce costs and emissions and pollutants to the environment products; which it is a reflection on improving the quality of life of citizens.

Transport is the activity with the highest energy consumption in Andalusia and represents more than 37% of the total energy consumed, with a level of CO2 emissions reach 63% of total emissions. With this gesture, Northern Health Area contributes to set an example to citizens. The next step, In the near future, You will have fleets of electric vehicles to provide public services, which they are mostly urban character.