The Municipal Archive Vera. Chronicle of Recovery

The lecturer was flattered with the popular "Pitcher five peaks" by local authorities.

The lecturer was flattered with the popular “Pitcher five peaks” by local authorities.

With the conference "The Municipal Archive Vera. Chronicle of Recovery ', dictated yesterday by Maria Luisa Andrés Uroz in the Cultural Hall Multipurpose Vera, He has started the cycle of conferences and exhibitions called 'The rebirth of a City' organized by the veratense City Council and promoted by the Commission V Centenario Vera Earthquake 1518, whose cornerstone is the work of consolidation of the ruins of Mount of the Holy Spirit.

In the presentation of the lecturer, ceremony presided over by Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez, accompanied by the Councilor for Culture, Isabel de Haro, the veratense Mayor praised the work and dedication exercised by Maria Luisa Andrés Uroz for twenty years in the city of Vera, at the same time he stressed "that without his extraordinary Vera work would have lost much of its historical and documentary heritage. It is a heritage that we have received from our ancestors and that we must preserve for future generations, for researchers, and all citizens interested in knowing the history of Vera, they can see the rich and diverse documented memory of social scenarios that have crossed our town ". Felix Lopez and highlighted it work carried out by Manuel Caparrós, Municipal Archivero that gathered the evidence Maria Luisa Andrés Uroz.

Maria Luisa Andrés Uroz has a degree in Geography and History and Advanced Studies Degree in History with work Water to drink. Municipal and public power supply in a city southeast (ss. XVI-XX). She was director of the Municipal Archives Vera since 1981 and to 2002. From that same year is director of the Provincial Historic Archive of Almería, Institution from which broadcasts its funds to the general public through various media, In addition to continuing the work of support and collaboration of archivists province through annual training courses in order to continue influencing the modernization of the Archives of Almería.

his presentation, based on photographs and graphic documents to develop his speech, It was very informative and entertaining. The images reflected the complex process of organization that developed from 1981 in order to convert messy, initial and scattered Vera documentary archive a true center of research and consultation. Hence the title of the conference: The Municipal Archive Vera. Chronicle of Recovery.

Maria Luisa Andrew began his presentation describing why they are important archival documents at different life ages, from initial administrative value, through fiscal, to the historic, time when special treatment is necessary for conservation, installation and search. Even restoration, given the case. Images of those years showed us how it was necessary to end the suffering spread the documentary in the early years 80; how they were being enabled the halls of City Hall needed to clean up the most important spaces of a File: documentary deposits, without which it is not possible ordination and installation of the boxes or bundles containing the documents ordered.

And so it began work in the city of Vera, Towards the year 1981, volunteering in order to organize a true file. For this, the most important instrument that had to draw and edit was Guide and inventory Vera Municipal Archive (1991). Thanks to him all users could know what had documentary series in each box, how extreme dates, the volume of these ..., a documentary classified into four sections, in a way organic functional: government, Secretary, Finance and Miscellaneous.

Outreach work on the silent daily work of Maria Luisa Andrés Uroz, there was also: acts on V Centenario Christian Vera making (1988), exhibitions Rebuild your story the History in Your Documents They awakened the curiosity of those first interested in Local and Regional History. book publishing were encouraged, as the History of Ancient Vera, Father Tapia Garrido, the study of Vera Repartimiento book, Juan Francisco Jimenez analyzed by Alcazar (University of Murcia), books of legends and customs of the municipality or Documentary sources for the Study of Earth Vera, analytical inventory of the judicial fund Vera, in collaboration with the Provincial Historic Archive in Almería 1999; interesting historical research, as those related to the study of water and irrigation in Vera, the first families of settlers soldiers, They published, inter, in the Axarquía Magazine, inter.

During the talk several ancient documents rich historical background that were cataloged by herself and have great historical significance were, as can be the Fuero de Vera, initial basic standards on political and social organization of the Municipality, Lawsuit between Lorca and Vera through the land of Huércal Overa and, real documents signed by the Catholic Monarchs on standards to meet in different circumstances, Mayoral sides of the customs to be followed by neighbors, among others.