The Historical Archives of Almería exposes holiday programs and posters of the years 20 a 70 last century


Provincial Historical Archive today hosts an exhibition of programs and posters that refer to the festivities that were made in the years 20 to years 70 twentieth century in the province of Almeria and will run until 31 May Monday through Friday, in hours 9 a 14.30 hours, and telematically through the web portal of the institution to which is accessed in the direction:

The territorial delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Alfredo Valdivia, He stressed during "the potential of the documentation in this archive on festivities" presentation, since the institution custody 2.010 copies of posters and handbills, to which must be added the party program booklet format they are not counted.

Alfredo Valdivia has indicated that for this sample have selected some documents "that account for the tradition of all municipalities almerienses for a few days a year interrupted daily activities to devote an extraordinary popular festivities celebrating time."

The dances, theater exhibitions, target shooting, Bullfights and processions, among other activities which would divert the population, They were collected in some programs and some posters, as noted by the delegate of Culture, They had to be sent to the Civil Governor for approval of the shows contained therein.

Civil Government passed the Provincial Historic Archive for your organization and the service of the general public and "now, said the delegate of the Board, We expose some of them to promote their knowledge and help society to know about our past and our idiosyncrasy ".

Document of the month

This exhibition is complemented by the so-called "Document of the Month" this time is also dedicated to the festivities of the province. It is a playbill of the celebrations which were held the day 20 to the 30 November 1935 in Cantoria, that "in addition to shape the program of the celebrations that were scheduled to be held, It stands out for its visual beauty and colorful ".

Valdivia, which it has stressed the important work of disseminating the documentary heritage carried out by the Provincial Historic Archive, It has been accompanied by the director himself, María Luisa Andrés and Almeria historian, Antonio Sevillano, It has indicated that the program presented "is a good example of an important almeriense made by printing those years, Orihuela printing "and" painting that serves as a reason on its cover was made by Carlos Ruano Llopis, prominent painter and great bullfighting poster ".