The Mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora receives the gallery owner Miguel Servera

Mige Server, Ferandez Antonio Fernández Liria and Francisco Javier Espinosa

Mige Server, Ferandez Antonio Fernández Liria and Francisco Javier Espinosa
Miguel Servera, Ferandez Antonio Fernández Liria and Francisco Javier Espinosa

They held a meeting to devise strategies for collaboration between the
City Hall and the owner of Villa Anita.

In the morning of 23 March, Antonio Fernández Liria, mayor of
Cuevas del Almanzora, He held an informative meeting with the gallerist
Spaniard Miguel Servera, owner of one of the jewels of urban heritage
Cuevas, the house known as Villa Anita.

Given the uniqueness and relevance of the property, It is notorious the interest of both parties
establish direct communication channels and to establish strategies that
allow culminate in a formula satisfactory use of both appearance villa
public and private, They are treated first issues of urban regulation
aimed at protecting the environment of the house and its structure.
Antonio Fernandez has expressed the will of the residents of Cuevas del Almanzora
Villa Anita integrating its extensive local heritage for the use and enjoyment activities
sociocultural, Miguel Servera what has welcomed the interest

Miguel Servera has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona. Was the
first director of the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, and discoverer of the artist
Miquel Barceló. He is currently the owner of the art gallery Sa Pleta Freda,
located in Son Servera, allowing you to maintain a close relationship with artists
great importance. He bought and rehabilitated this house wearing cuevana 20 uninhabited years
by a crush after an occasional visit to Silver City. The palace designed by
Carlos Garcia Alix, son of then minister of education, to honor his wife
Ana Manuela Soler in the nineteenth century, He began a new life in September 2008,
when Miguel is proposed to open the property to the inhabitants and visitors of the region,
but poor corporate support received made him abandon his initiative.

The meeting with the mayor of Cuevas, Servera accompanied the cultural manager
Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa, promoter of previous initiatives developed
in the Almanzora.