Mayor Antonio Fernandez with the PSOE spokesman in the Diputación, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.
Mayor Antonio Fernandez with the PSOE spokesman in the Diputación, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.

The mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández, He has valued his meeting Friday with Secretary of the Ministry of Development Infrastructure, Manuel Niño, to establish a solution for the north to the reserve Mulberry turtle –‘Testudo graeca’– as a result of the path of the section of High Speed ​​Pulpí-Cuevas del Almanzora line between Almeria and Murcia, and it has indicated that there “good disposition” so that the original layout of the line and the option to exclude the north is contemplated.

This meeting is part of “commitment” the Ministry of Public Works “lower” further travel times of the railway line from Almeria to Madrid “possibly later this year” from changes in temporary speed limits travel.

This alternative proposed by the north would “fewer hectares” the tracing Original, but “It would be the most viable solution to not adversely impact many families, land and businesses”.

In this sense, the mayor has highlighted the “readiness and willingness” Child in a meeting tilda as “positive” to change the location of the railway line, although it has stated that this amendment sought to be included in the Official Gazette (BOE) and from Fomento it was rejected for “speed up” procedures.

As part of these actions, Fernandez reported that this week will be a technical meeting in Seville, expected Wednesday, to address all the technical report of this modification. Also, He noted that next month the secretary of infrastructure and neighbors will gather –in Almeria and Madrid– to study the progress of the works.

Before meeting with those affected and the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora, He recalled that the reserve is “an obligation established by the European Union (EU) arising from the environmental impact statement” with which must first meet the start of construction of the high speed for this section, which they were already awarded over a year ago; and otherwise “they would be at risk” Feder funds allocated to the project.