The mayor of Albox claims qualifying disaster area for damage suffered by wind.

Albox General

The City of Albox works since last Saturday in taking the necessary measures to repair the damage caused by the heavy storm of wind that caused severe damage to roads and municipal facilities. Wind gusts recorded in Albox were the strongest in the whole Spanish territory so besides the mayor of the town, Rogelio Mena, has applied to the competent authorities qualifying disaster area to address as efficiently and quickly as possible defect.

Therefore the municipal government has been issued to the insurer claims incurred in municipal facilities and buildings. Among the damages that occurred, strong wind caused several landslides and damage to schools in Albox. Both the CEIP Velázquez as in the CEIP Virgen del Outgoing were analyzed breaks fallen trees and fences and other materials within the enclosure which is also reproduced in the IES Cardinal Cisneros.

The sports facilities were also damaged by the wind with falling billboards at the Sports of The Pocicas though it was the Municipal Sports Pavilion which most suffered from strong gusts with a loosening of the roof and the metal door. Clean Point facilities have also been affected other large containers with destruction, the collapse of a wall and damaged fencing

Other streets of the town were affected with damage for which there have also been partly wind on the street with the fall of a stud, the fall of a bus shelter in Station Road and traffic signs falls and the Avenida Lepanto among other. Councillor for Urbanism, Sonia Cerdán, has clarified that the City "given priority by all means repairs aimed at schools, public roads and basic services to citizens ".

The Town Hall has also made available this week the neighbors an advisory service to report the damage that occurred in particular to the relevant insurance companies.

The City reported using social networking and mobile messaging precautions to be followed by all citizens before the arrival of the strong gusts that have not produced human damages and has called for immediate and urgent response to part sent this week to proceed while before the .