The mayor of Albox robotics team receives the IES Cardinal Cisneros to represent Almería.

Students of IES Cardinal Cisneros in Albox who will represent the province of Almería in the national tournament FLL Robotics (FIRST LEGO LEAGUE) have been received at City Hall by the Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena and the Councillor for Education, Sonia Cerdán, after victory in the provincial championship.

The FLL is an international robotics challenge of promoting science and technology in young people with a theme of the real world. This year the theme chosen by the organization was the 'Education'. Albox students presented a project called SAM (Learning System by Muscles) which is based on education for children and youth with special needs. The project developed by students of IES Cardinal Cisneros and bearing the name of Albox the national championship Tenerife possible to detect electrical impulses from muscles and convert movements clicks on the computer. The provincial champions have chosen a desfío that seeks to improve the quality of education for people with special educational needs.

During his visit to the City of Albox, teachers and students accompanied by the director of IES Cardinal Cisneros, have explained the mayor and the mayor of Education the project and put into operation, surprising the government team members for their hard work Mayor Albox, Rogelio Mena, He has congratulated the students for the project done and its social and educational approach. "On behalf of the City Council and all the neighbors I have to thank for taking the name of Albox so high", He thanked them. Councillor for Education, Sonia Cerdán, witnessed the operation of the SAM project and joined a thank remembering that it is not the first success of these young albojenses. "With your achievements and several classifications for the Spanish end in recent years you have helped the go Albox name associated with education, innovation and progress ", expressed.

Collaboration institutional

Albox City Council will work with the IES Cardinal Cisneros to ensure passage and participation of students and teachers in national FLL to be held on 22 March in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where there will be 37 Spanish teams among which highlight the representation of Albox in Almeria.

The robotics team composed of ten students from IES Cardinal Cisneros Jose Maldonado is director, is led by Professor Ambrosio Benedict. The achievement of young albojenses is even greater considering that for reasons of population and number of students unlike other competitors they do not have a specific robotics class among its subjects. Visit the City of Albox which took place in a cordial atmosphere with numerous jokes by center members and the mayor ended with the presentation of a backpack and coat of Albox the robotics team in a climate of trust in your project, is sure to be one of the 6 representing Spain in the international tournament in Sydney, Australia. "We wish you all the luck in the world, but just look and see your project to know that you deserve represent Spain at the World Final, Like the 22 March representareis to Albox you and your district and province doing a magnificent secure paper ", Mayor predicted.