The mayor of Albox studying legal action against PP for trying to damage the image of municipal workers with false accusations.

Mena "They are crossing all the red lines of ethics and politics".

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, today announced the possibility of legal action against PP for accusing albojense municipal workers to perform tasks and services to individual. "This government team respects and enforces the obligations and duties of municipal staff. As mayor I can not afford to oppose their work questioned, which is at the service of all the people ".

"I urgently request the reports for municipal services to initiate appropriate legal action in defense of the legitimacy of employees in public administration and political representatives", explained.

After denying categorically that no worker cleaning and gardening work in a private home, family or a councilor, Rogelio Mena insists that "cleaning services catering to all citizens alike and when there is a call to pick up goods or large pruning, weekly market and the move to pick up the pieces, whoever is, however described, or either the PP or any other option.

Frustration PP

Mena ensures understand "PP frustration because this week we have opened a new Sports Pavilion and started the water treatment works to permanently solve the problem of water. Also, and we will bid on Water and Health Center and have adopted the rate of Landfill. At this, the only thing they can think of is to question public employees or criticize the presence of our people in Fitur "-

"No wonder, adds, that those who brought the landfill without any consideration for Albox now intend to turn our people in a dumpster ".

Concludes by warning the PP mayor that "I will not accept or allow attacks without the full answer PP. We are bringing to Albox difficult situation, through the collective efforts of workers and citizens and destructive and sectarian opposition from the PP voted against when tata to bring water to Albox ".