The 98% of the Almeria municipalities will receive funds from the Special Assistance Program Procurement

The delegate José María Martín. Stock Image.

Jose Maria Martin, in the middle.

A total of 101 municipalities of Almería, the 98% of the 103, They will split the 3,2 million budget with counts in the province Extraordinary Assistance Program Procurement Decree Law of extraordinary and urgent measures for social inclusion through employment and promotion of solidarity in Andalusia.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy, Jose Maria Martin, It is reported today at a press conference the final distribution of this aid. Martin stressed that "Program Helps enable Contracting promote social inclusion and mitigate situations of need arising from the difficulty of access to the labor market for people experiencing social exclusion or at risk of being, an absolute priority of the Junta de Andalucía ".

With this extraordinary employment plan is to make a 1.800 contracts, which they will be managed by the consistory. En total, the 101 participating municipalities in the province will be divided 3.259.247 euros, as it stated in the final publication of the aid in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian, conducted last week.

José María Martín stressed that this program "reinforces the commitment and close collaboration of the Andalusian with local authorities, fundamental institutional development of social services in our community ". The delegate explained that "the program is managed by municipalities, a clear commitment by the municipalismo, because municipalities are closest to the people, because what will be in charge of making labor contracts between persons registered in their municipalities and that they are in a situation of social difficulty ".

In the province noted for the amount they will receive aid on Aid to Hiring municipalities: Adra (93.510), Almería (710.508), El Ejido (245.839), Nijar (81.305), Roquetas de Mar (302.165) and Vícar (89.541). The other towns have divided the program funds, with a nearly 11.000 euros for smaller municipalities.

Program Helps Contracting includes extraordinary aid to local corporations to hire unemployed and at risk of social exclusion, for a period of between 15 days and three months, for the development of activities of interest to the community. This is a program provided in the whole of Andalusia 40 million and pursues combat situations of social exclusion, because of the economic crisis, are occurring in many Andalusian homes.

With this motivation, in the award of contracts priority will be given to households with all members unemployed, large families forming part of minors, people with disabilities or in situations of dependency and single parents and victims of domestic violence with dependent children.