Education out to tender the project for the expansion and improvement of Vera Institute Alyanub

Delegate, with local authorities.

Delegate, with local authorities.

The Education, through the Andalusian Public Education Agency, He has published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian (COLOUR) the tender writing service project, construction management, jobbing address, health and safety coordination and geotechnical for the expansion and modernization of Secondary School study (IES) Vera Alyanub, Almeria.

This contract has a budget of 57.979,90 euros and aims to drafting the project for the construction of new educational spaces in this center, allowing to remove a prefabricated module, two classrooms, currently installed to meet the needs of schooling. Also, they demolished the old workshops electricity, They are presenting structural pathologies. The planned investment in the work is about 550.000 euros.¡

Specifically, The project will address the construction of two new modules for Vocational Training, with a combined area of ​​more than 400 square meter, that will hold each a workshop on the ground floor and two classrooms on the first floor. The project will include, also, the removal of architectural barriers by installing an elevator in the main building of the institute, as well as improving safety educational complex and its adaptation to current regulations on fire with the installation of a network of fire hydrants Equipped (BAND).

Nowadays, In addition to the stages and high schools, IES Alyanub imparts the following training cycles:

– FPB Administrative Services.

– CFGM: Interior works, decoration and rehabilitation.

electrical and automatic plants.

Electromechanical motor vehicles.

Administrative management.

Cooking and Gastronomy.

– CFGS Administration and Finance.

Early Childhood education

This action, from which will benefit more than 800 students studying in the center, It is included in the programming of works prefabricated classrooms withdrawal of approval under the Investment Plan Educational Infrastructures 2017-2018 of the Ministry of Education, that runs through the Andalusian Public Education Agency. The center is currently running other works asbestos removal, with a budget of 87.786,71 euros, will allow removal of the fiber cement roof of the gym and its replacement by a cover plate sandwich, and installing gutters and downspouts PVC for the disposal of rainwater.

All these actions to extend and improve the facilities of training cycles are included in the commitment of the Government of Andalusia to improve and update the supply of Vocational Training.