Education bids the second phase of the works of replacing the Catholic Kings College Vera

Exterior del colegio.

Exterior del colegio.
Exterior del colegio.

The Education, through the Andalusian Public Education Agency, destina más de 1,7 millones de euros a la segunda fase de las obras de sustitución del colegio Reyes Católicos de Vera. Esta actuación dotará al centro de comedor y de un nuevo aulario y de ella se beneficiarán más de 720 students.

The Education, through the Andalusian Public Education Agency, ha publicado en el Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Andalucía la licitación de las obras de sustitución del Colegio de Educación Infantil y Primaria Reyes Católicos de Vera, Almeria. The intervention, that has a budget of 1.737.471,74 euros y un plazo de ejecución estimado de doce meses, beneficiará a los 723 Students enrolled in the center.

These works, involving the second phase of complete replacement of this center Vera, They will aim at building a new annex module to built in the first phase. The new module will be located at the same level and will involve the spatial and formal continuity of the previous building. this building, which it will house mainly new educational spaces and dining, It will be divided into three floors or levels.

On the ground floor the computer room will be located, music room and two special education classrooms to share a toilet adapted large. Also, on this floor dining room and a common use toilets will be located near the entrance of this. On the other hand, between the first and second floors, twelve classrooms will be located and four small group classrooms with their respective communications and toilets.

this intervention, culminating the second phase of three planned in the project, will involve the construction of 1.925,45 square meters of new surface on a plot of 6.718 and benefit 723 pupils and students enrolled in the center.

This action is included in the Investment Plan for the period Educational Infrastructures 2016-2017 of the Ministry of Education, that runs through the Andalusian Public Education Agency. This plan is provided with 107 million euros and includes 128 new construction activities, expansion and improvement of facilities in the eight Andalusian provinces.