Editorial: Word of Susana.


The visit of the President of the Junta de Andalucía to Almanzora has helped reinvent the commitment to our region. Easy and simple speech, with the right words that are so necessary for a society hijacked by pessimism and political discrediting, Susana moves like a fish in water between categorical statements and proposals for greenfield. For her, the first thing people, above any other interest. You talk about reality with a slow and gentle tone although the contents are hard and terrible. The high percentage of unemployment in the province, around a desperate 38%, the promised infrastructure fail, guerrilla warfare exerted opposition, youth disaffection ... are some of the examples listed so felt while looking us in the eye and conveys its commitment. There was never president of the Andalusian, nor a young person with old problems.

Susana speaking Almanzora smiling and hopeful to resolve the extent to which some of their problems: illegal housing, employment opportunities, entrepreneurs and the motorway has promised immediately conclude. He also reminded us of the importance of small municipalities, those that directly watchful against the new reform of local government, whose action has brought the Andalusian.

Today has promised us his time and attention. It is word of Susana.