Publish a new guide on 'Water Culture’ Almeria

28/12/2018 La Diputación Provincial de Almería ha presentado este viernes su guía 'Cultura del Agua', representing the number 14 de la colección 'Guías de Almería. Territory, Cultura y Arte', promoted by the Institute of estudis Almerienses (IEA) y realizada de forma conjunta con Cajamar Caja Rural POLITICA ESPAÑA EUROPA ANDALUCÍA ESPAÑA EUROPA ANDALUCÍA AUTONOMÍAS ALMERÍA CULTURA DIPUTACIÓN DE ALMERÍA

The Provincial de Almería has presented today its guidance 'Water Culture', representing the number 14 Collection 'Almeria Guide. Territory, Culture and art', promoted by the Institute of estudis Almerienses (IEA) and conducted jointly with Cajamar Caja Rural.

A través de 18 chapters, The work deals with the past, present and future of the natural element in the province as well as in the construction of agricultural landscapes; all told of “didactically, but also entertaining and rigorous” the editorial line of the collection Almeria Guide, as it indicated by the provincial institution in a note.

Given the dependence of water in the arid environment, hydraulic systems to achieve it are thousands and solutions and typologies reach higher levels of diversity than anywhere else in Europe because of the different landscape contexts, geomorphological and climatic.

Deputy Provincial Culture, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, He indicated that “The purpose of this guide is to show and to value this vast, varied and rich heritage with a didactic language and attractive design, spiced with content loaded images, so that the simple look forward preloading information that invites reading”.

It has also stressed that “water is life, It is the essence of our economic pillars. In the provincial conserve water as we know nobody and we are so committed that we want to have as distributed and exploited in every corner”.

The editorial team of this is directed by Juan Antonio Muñoz Muñoz and has a multidisciplinary team of leading experts, among which are face Lorenzo Barrionuevo, Enrique Fernandez Bolea, Juan Salvador López Galán, Francisco Javier Martínez Rodríguez, Juan Antonio Muñoz Navarro, Francisco Javier Parra widowhood, Andrés Pérez Pérez and Alfonso Ruiz García.

The work also has the collaboration of Roberto García Torrente, Agrifood Innovation Director of Cajamar Caja Rural, with a chapter, as an epilogue, which it analyzes the role of water as the focus of our development model based on agriculture under plastic.

The last chapter includes ten routes that collect from developed in the book, in order to bring the reader to the water culture and its most representative elements of unique environments hydraulic almeriense.

The collection 'Almeria Guide. Territory, Culture and art’ is an editorial initiative promoted by the Institute of Studies Almerienses, which began in the year 2005. It aims to cover editorial shortcomings on relevant aspects of uniqueness almeriense. Wording and approach arises with scientific rigor, but with a forced informative approach. Also, incorporate a rich graphical support and careful design. This latest guide has been presented with the presence of the head of IEA, Francisco Alonso.