Ecologists in Action requires decontamination Almería Palomares.

The 17 January 2015 met 49 Palomares accident years, in which a tanker aircraft collided and B52 bomber carrying four nuclear bombs that released plutonium. Most of the radioactive plutonium atomic bomb continues to spread around the area, except 3% Americans took in 1966.

Franco said then rulers of the people of Palomares and the general public that there were no traces of plutonium. The subsequent agricultural and urban development caused farmers and construction workers, ignoring the danger to, removiesen lands radioactive plutonium and dishonor.

In 1999, CIEMAT (Energy Research Centre, Environment and Technology) He advised the Government the urgent need to prevent them continue removing radioactive land for agricultural or urban use by the enormous danger posed to public health. Despite these dire warnings, no action was taken to stop it until several years later secretly approved the Radiation Monitoring Plan still in force, which empowered the CIEMAT to fence the land.

The report that the CSN (Nuclear Safety Council) sent Congress of Deputies 24 May 2.004, danger to public health posed by allowing agricultural or urban land use in contaminated reiterated, that were not fenced until years later.

The measure to prevent access to the area can not be a permanent solution, as wild and domestic animals enter and leave taking adhering particles of plutonium. Moreover plutonium is becoming americium, which is much more radioactive, thereby increasing the risk of contamination.

Recently, a team of scientists who were working for German TV station ZDF analyzed land next to the cemetery and obtained a measure of 16 million becquerels per square meter, when not in Chernobyl as a million becquerels per square meter is exceeded, except in the reactor building. In the lands where German scientists took measurements can see remnants of drip irrigation pipes.

The current government uses as a pretext for not cleaning the area in Spain there is no nuclear graveyard legally able to store such waste and should be transferred to the US, but Americans do not accept. The truth is that having exploited the housing bubble are no longer interested clear land because they will not develop short term, although Potla, Spatial Plan of Almeria, still classified as radioactive developable land or agricultural use.

If the government had an interest in cleaning the area could put plutonium into containers and bring to a nuclear graveyard. It is not necessary to move to the United States, there are many alternative cemeteries outside Spain.

Ecologists in Action has remained expectant during these years against false hopes plutonium Shuttle America, but to see the lack of interest of the Spanish Government has decided to take legal action to require national and international regulations on the storage of radioactive material meets. Is legally not possible to maintain the average outdoor Kg. Plutonium up for grabs.

To pressure the Spanish government and the US we hung a petition signatures.

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