Two young Huercal Overa arrested with one kilogram of cocaine.

General Huercal Overa


Last Day 28, and as a result of an investigation conducted by theGuardia Civil, Since agents Huercal Overa Home (Almería), come to arrest J. M. R. A., of 21 years old, and F. A. R. R., of 19, both residents of Huercal Overa (Almería), suspected of a crime against public health.

These arrests are part of the activities carried out by the Guardia Civil in the fight against retail distribution of narcotics.

As a result of this constant activity and after analysis of various data obtained, the agents of the Guardia Civil known activity that could be devoted to the two neighboring Huercal Overa, users of a sports town center, place that used to store the drug, without the knowledge of those responsible for sports facilities.

So things, officials responsible for the investigation manage the identity of two people, possibly responsible for this activity, checking as both separately and out of the sports center at different times of day

The agents of the Guardia Civil locate one of these people at home, who move to the sports center for, once there, open before him both have lockers assigned.

At check, agents located two hidden pockets between sportswear, of a white substance, as well as several smaller bags inside a backpack, containing the same substance.

After verifying the nature of the substance, verified as cocaine, Civil Guard conducts arrest J. M. R. A., suspicion of a crime against public health, incautándose of 1'330 kg. cocaine and research focusing on the location of the second suspect

Then, and as a result of the investigation that the agents remain, the Guardia Civil in Localiza and identifies F. A. R. R. in the town of Huercal Overa (Almería), where appropriate to his arrest on suspicion of a crime against public health.

Proceedings instructed by the Guardia Civil, with detainees, have been made available to the Court of Instruction No. 3 Huercal Overa (Almería), who has decreed for J. M. R. A. his imprisonment.