Double recognition of the quality of beaches veratenses

Ceremony of the flags.

Ceremony of the flags.

Veratenses two beaches will have next year with Ecoplayas flags awarded by the Technical Association for Waste Management, Urban Cleaning and Environment (ATEGRUS), recognition of sustainable environmental management.

Councilwoman Vera Playas del Ayuntamiento, Francisca Garcia Carretero, He has collected these distinctions during the XIX International Congress and Exhibition of Beaches-Ecoplayas 2017 held last week in San Sebastián. García Carretero said that "in addition to renewing that we had already granted last year on the beach of Marinas, we have obtained another in the Playazo by improving the sewage on the beach and carry out the renovation of the entire signposting ".

For renewal or granting of flag Ecoplayas, ATEGRUS values ​​the beaches from an environmental point of view, tourism and sustainability, in order to spread nationwide efforts, innovations and achievements. "For Vera it is an encouragement and a commitment to obtain these two distinctions to renew the Council's commitment to sustainable beach management and quality". Thus it highlighted the Councilor of Beaches veratense granting the Ecoplayas flags in recognition of the maintenance of environmental management systems implemented on the beaches.

The objective of Ecoplayas 2017 It has presented a technical overview of all aspects related to the world of beaches. Parallel to the Congress, It was held an exhibition in which major companies have shown their products and achievements carried out in the world of beaches, as: Safety equipment for erosion control, machinery clean beaches, management programs and equipment, other developments.