Council takes the campaign 'Almería has science’ the busiest areas of the country

The County Council has launched this December the campaign 'Almería brainer', with which it aims to promote scientific and industrial segment of tourism in the province in the areas of greatest movement of people of Spanish territory, as major airports and train stations, and big cities.

Vice President of the Diputación de Almería, Aureliano Javier García, Monday has presented the new promotional campaign of the Provincial Tourism Service, which he has had a budget of 175.000 euros and, in addition to “promotional material work” for use in “fairs and other tourist events” by the institution, take the slogan 'Almeria has science’ a “300 parts of the country, the most important communication hub, with large numbers of people at Christmas”.

So, more than a hundred marquees will be placed in shopping malls in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Logroño, San Sebastian, Pamplona and Vitoria, and 50 digital advertising panels in T4 Airport Madrid-Barajas, T1 in El Prat (Barcelona), and at the airports of Palma de Mallorca and Seville. Also, the supply of industrial and scientific tourism Almeria also show those traveling through train stations Chamartin and Atocha (Madrid), and Santa Justa (Seville).

Garcia explained that the aim of this campaign is “to value this segment”, show the public “what you have the province” apart from the proposals sun and beach, gastronomy and sport. The First Vice-President assured that it is “a particular segment” in which the Council of Almería “He is working for some time with the intention of offering a more quality tourists visiting the province”.

The idea of ​​launching a specific promotional campaign with the options of scientific and industrial tourism in the province came after the 'famtrip’ organized for “the four major online agencies of the country: Logitravel, Minube, Atrápalo and Lastminute, who showed their interest in this offer”.

The Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), Clisol greenhouses, Calar Alto Observatory and industry of natural stone in Macael are the four major research centers and industry with those working in this campaign. “This is something that no other destination that might resemble Almería. Be exploited and enhance what makes us unique, convinced that this segment will be booming and we will be pioneers in offering the tourist experience of this type”, He said García.

Calar Alto “the most important observatory in continental Europe, You can also visit” through the Visitor Center Gérgal and the proposals made astronomical Azimuth to boost tourism “disseminate scientific advances made in this area, which offers visitors “300 cloudless nights a year”.

Javier Sanchez, de Azimuth, has indicated that Calar Alto “a center with international recognition”, scientific tourism which have enabled it to open its doors to the public, “popularizing science and access to environments that were inaccessible and are unique in the European context”. Also, He claimed “quality and passion” with which it welcomes tourists in this place, and the possibility of “attract tourism outside the current paradigm of massification”.

From 2014, Macael City Council develops its project to promote industrial tourism through the Interpretation Center and visits to Marble quarries, with some 10.000 annual visits. Is about “one of the processing centers of the most important stone in the world”, where tourists can learn “how natural stone saw is removed and then working until it becomes a work of art or a product with added value commonly used”.

Raúl Martínez, Mayor of Macael, stressed that “thanks to the campaign of the Provincial Council, it will reach new channels that previously was not reached and surely will achieve greater impact”.

Agriculture is another pillar of the Almeria economy along with tourism and the stone will also be present in the campaign 'Almería has science’ through tourism proposals “halfway between science and industry” making the pot greenhouses.

your manager, Lola Gómez, He claimed uniqueness and “originality” almeriense landscape 'Plastic Sea', and recalled that “greenhouses are actually 'Casas Verdes', because under their plastic a huge orchard hides, which supplies across Europe, with products available practically all year, ecological character and high quality”. Thus, it is necessary to show visitors “the scientific work behind and ensuring the welfare of production plants and biological control”.

Last, Samar Fayad, Visitor Center of the Plataforma Solar de Almería, He pointed out that this is “a world leader in research in solar energy applications, not only in energy production, but also as a tool to solve problems of great interest in humanity, arising from the scarcity of non-renewable resources”.

Fayad has pointed out that this promotional campaign will serve to “provide an unknown place for many, they do not know it's there, you can visit, although we received a 7.000 annual visits, and where interesting projects are”.

The vice president and head of Tourism has pointed out “potential” This tourist segment, focused on science and industry, for “break seasonality, as all four centers can be visited without problems at any time of year, to differentiate province other destinations”, and to further advance the commitment of the Council of Almería by “generate sustainable tourism”.