County Council launches a plan to support the self-endowed with 40 million over five years

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Almería Provincial Council has launched a “pioneering plan” support to self-employed and entrepreneurs in the province endowed with 40 million euros over a period of five years.

This special plan envisages the granting of aid to SMEs in the 71 municipalities with less than 3.000 inhabitants of the province to improve, expansion or creation of new businesses, commissions and eliminating obstacles in financing business projects.

The president of the Council of Almería, Aureliano Javier García, recalled, during the presentation of this special investment plan, this was a measure announced in his investiture, last 12 January, which it will be approved at the regular plenary session of the institution to be held next Monday, 25 March.

Garcia explained that this Plan for Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs “makes available” small and medium-sized enterprises in the municipalities of less than 3.000 inhabitants of Almería “line 40 million euros for five years”, that “if demand is high, You could study enlarge”.

The aim is none other than “improve employment, the competitiveness of companies and productive activity, continue generating wealth and, above all, combat depopulation”. In this regard, stressed that the Provincial combat this pressing problem in the hinterlands “with such plans and service delivery”. Also, Garcia has announced that “it will not be the only plan to combat depopulation, it is the first one, but there will be more”.

The president of the council has revealed that, in these lasts months, They have held meetings with autonomous municipalities smaller “to meet your needs and make a plan tailored to your demands”. From there, It is removed one of the obstacles for business development often “the interest associated with financial loans”.

Thus, with this plan, They shall be granted “aid for a maximum amount of up to 25.000 autonomous euros”, whose interests will take over the provincial institution, “relieving the associated costs to loans”.

According to data managed from the Provincial de Almería, in the 71 municipalities with less than 3.000 there inhabitants in the province, exist 3.996 small and medium enterprises eligible for this special financing plan. “These companies represent 28 percent of members of Social Security in the province, a high figure that is above the national average, that is around the 17 percent, and demonstrating that self-employed are the foundation of economic fabric almeriense”, he pointed García.

In addition to the existing companies, They can also access this helpline “entrepreneurs who plan to start their business in some of these municipalities”. The plan provides for the creation of a commission monitoring and evaluation of projects submitted, which will evaluate each application and assign the amount of aid, with a maximum of 25.000 autonomous euros.

Once the plan is approved at the regular plenary session next Monday, It will be published in the Official Gazette of the province in the coming weeks so that interested parties can apply for grants “sooner”, something that “They are looking forward” because it is “beneficial to the province”.

“This is one of the most important measures that the Council has promoted in recent years to combat depopulation and support and boost the business. Also, It is a pioneering initiative, that has not been developed before or in the province and in Andalusia”, He has concluded García.