Council implements economic measures to help municipalities prevent Covid-19

Almería Provincial Council will implement a package of economic measures to help municipalities in the province to adopt measures to prevent the Covid-19. The president of the provincial institution, Javiera. García, It has extended the emergency decree, again agreed with all political groups, with the aim of providing municipalities, financial and logistical resources, the containment measures.

The president has said that “the Council will be to the side of municipalities and will provide the means for them to take measures to curb the spread of the virus among the population and raise awareness to society that we are not living a vacation and to be avoided out home to what is strictly necessary”.

these aids, as it indicated in a statement, They would cover any needs, within local autonomy, deem necessary the municipalities in the province to address this exceptional situation caused by the Covid-19.

Also, the provincial institution has agreed to suspend the start of the voluntary collection procedure (scheduled for next 5 April), which does not affect the delivery that the Council takes to municipalities that have delegated their collection that will remain on schedule.

In the same way, after a new extraordinary meeting of the Monitoring Committee of Covid-19 with members of the government team and technical, They have established new preventive measures to ensure the safety of staff and operation of the institution.

From next Monday, the Council will implement telework centers where activity permits, both the capital and throughout the province, so that minimum services are guaranteed thanks to the VPN and links to Provincial Communications Network. Also, the institution shall remain available in the call 950 21 11 00 from the 09,00 until 14,00 hours.

In the same way, It is to assist municipalities to provide public employees telework through the advice of the provincial technical area computer and communications service.


The Council will devote special attention to the social services provided in the province: Community Social Services, assistance to women and children attending the Center for Immediate Care and Assisted Living where additional staff will be to ensure services.

Source: EuropaPress