County Council opens the registration period for municipalities in workshops Coexistence Stories

23/03/2018 La Diputación de Almería ha abierto el plazo de inscripción para que los ayuntamientos de la provincia participen en los Talleres de Cuentos para la Convivencia y la Ciudadanía 'Te cuento'. This initiative is aimed at students in primary and secondary schools in the province, y para las distintas bibliotecas municipales ANDALUCÍA ESPAÑA EUROPA SOCIEDAD ALMERÍA SOCIEDAD EDUCACIÓN DIPUTACIÓN DE ALMERÍA

Intercultural Stories shared objectives Coexistence Workshops.

Almería Provincial Council has opened the registration period for municipalities in the province participate in workshops Tales for Coexistence and Citizenship 'I tell'. This initiative is aimed at students in primary and secondary schools in the province, and the various municipal libraries.

In a statement, Almería Provincial Council explained that these workshops are start from the fifth Provincial Community Social Services Plan developed by the Department of Social Welfare and aim to sensitize and educate the young people about the values ​​of tolerance and respect, and all those who favor peaceful coexistence at the family level and positive integration into the community.

To achieve these objectives, in developing the workshops, participants work, through the narrative and the staging of a fairy tales Collection Interculturales 'Tell', promoting personal resources and values ​​that promote coexistence among citizens.

Deputy Social Welfare, angel Escobar, highlighted the “great reception” with these projects, oriented “facilitate public awareness and promote coexistence and social integration within the family and within society globally, where cultural diversity is a characteristic of our century”.

This activity shares objectives with another major initiatives led by the Social Welfare Department of the Provincial de Almería and is aimed at children in the province: Contest 'Tales Interculturales', which it convenes for ten years.

Escobar explained that “the Intercultural Story Contest has become a reference for both the people of our province, as for those beyond our borders. There are hundreds of stories that receive each year and invite us to think creatively about where we live and how they see the smallest of the house, they always give us a lesson through their tales and stories”.