Diaz: “I hate to go to the Board and the legal limit for the barbarity of carob not proceed”.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, has moved its “rage” before the final legal ruling declaring the municipal building permit granted 2003 Azata to build a hotel Algarrobico, Carboneras (Almería), and has advanced to the regional government “anger the legal limit” for a “barbarity of this type do not proceed”.

Diaz, who held a brief meeting with the groups that comprise the Platform 'Deconstructing The carob’ arrival at the monument of La Alcazaba of Almeria to chair the central act Goals, he lamented, also, have known “media for” the failure of the Third Section of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia “on this sensitive issue and that the Board should have known before”.

Recalling that “It is not the first” Andalusian High Court judgment that is in line to endorse the controversial hotel, have you considered going on “Wrong Way” sustainable development of the Costas and the conservation of natural heritage and has remarked that the construction of the facility twenty floors 411 Breakfast “never have happened”.

“I get angry and the Board will discuss the ruling in depth to go the legal limit and put all the resources available to, as there is sufficient legal certainty, power down and giving effect to the protocol between Board and Central Government”, It has been claimed.

He has hinted at this point to right of first refusal exercised by the Andalusian Board 2006 and validated by three failures TSJA but has pointed out that two of these rulings have been appealed to the Supreme Court on appeal (TS) by the promoter.

Diaz stressed that the regional government “has tried” take ownership of the land on which the hotel sits “even depositing money” –2,3 million– but he qualified that its obligation is “take care of the money of the Andalusian”.

“I have to wait, I hope, the Supreme ratify and bring order to come to something that is outrageous and an example of what should never be built on our coast”, noted in response to environmental groups that ask you to run the said right of withdrawal.