Diaz highlights the strategic and economic engine of character stone and marble industry.

The Chair of the Board, Susana Díaz, stressed the strategic nature of the stone industry and marble by weight in community activity and employment generated and considered this to be an economic engine for Andalusia in general and for the province of Almería and .

Susana Díaz, who delivered the XXVIII Macael Awards, of the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA), noted that this sector favors the community occupies a leading position internationally recognized and supported by the resources of the earth.

For the president, marble is an activity that differentiates Andalusia and becomes more competitive community, while, its close connection with the construction, has suffered more than others the effects of the crisis.

By the regional government, according to Diaz, are to continue to promote programs and initiatives that improve business and will continue to put resources to enable them to fulfill their potential and ability, that translates into wealth and job creation.

“If we all keep as main objective the creation of wealth and job creation for our land, emerge from this situation with a stronger and fairer economic model, an economic model that generates opportunities and make Andalusia an attractive land for investment and to meet future talent and ability of our young”, It has been said Susana Díaz.

The XXVIII Macael Awards, of the Association of Marble Andalusia (AEMA), This time they have gone, in their national categories, in the Marble Institute of America, Babieka producer Films, Almería linked to filming in the movie 'Exodus: Gods and kings’, Ridley Scott in the province; the restaurant Dani García, located in Marbella (Malaga) Pythagoras and buildings and the Foundation Tecnova, both located in the Technological Park of Almería.

For his part, international awards have distinguished, inter alia, Complex Alvear Puerto Madero Hotel & Residences in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the complex of apartments and offices Casablanca Le Yacht (Morocco) and respective houses in Dubai and Budapest.