Diaz announces a new model that can increase up to 110 million aid to agricultural producers

meeting in the Government Office.

meeting in the Government Office.
meeting in the Government Office.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, It has announced the launch of a new model of management of aid to producer organizations Fruit and Vegetable (OPFH) which allow more professionals to benefit from the operational funds of the European Union (EU), which may result in an increase of up 110 million of the amounts received by agricultural producers Andalusian. This increase could mobilize investments 220 million.

Diaz has made this announcement during the meeting held in Almeria with hortofrurtícola industry representatives to discuss matters of interest to the Andalusian producers. According to the president, the Andalusian government has faced "historic demand" for "a significant percentage of producers in Almería, they could not access the operating European funds not being part of producer organizations, They marketed directly but through alhóndigas ".

Now, and following the change of regulations 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture "has found the mechanism for these producers to continue marketing in the auctions but also access these operating funds".

Thus, according to president, Andalusia will receive "around 110 million euros "in aid, of which about three-quarters would be directed to the province of Almería. These, It has been said, of "good news coming to restore a situation that was not fair".

Law on Agriculture and budgets

The president of the Board has also discussed with the sector's future Law on Agriculture, whose draft has already been approved by the Government and, among other aspects of interest, put tools in the hands of the Board to combat malpractices, as sales losses; will enhance the incorporation of young people to farms, dignified and quality employment and provides for the creation of an advisory council to deal with agricultural organizations sector problems.

Susana Diaz, It is "an important law, which recognizes the difficulties of the food industry and knows the necessity of articulating instruments to prevent unfair competition, promote fair prices and help companies to gain size and markets ".

Diaz also noted that the budget of the Board for 2017 collects demands of the sector as support for agricultural insurance, the plan to help the modernization of greenhouses, provided with 20 million; support to organic production or plant debris plan.

Moreover, between the demands of the sector that the Board will continue to support, stressed the need to impose on third countries the same quality standards that EU producers or fixing fair prices for energy on farms.

Lack of water

With regard to water shortages in areas like Los Vélez almerienses, the president said that "there is no excuse for the new Ministry, sooner, through the Prefectures, put on the table the reports on the status of aquifers and, once we know the situation, pitch in to meet the demands of the region ".

Diaz has claimed, in this sense, the implementation of desalination plants that are still pending and that a "fair" prices established for the desalinated water.

At the meeting chaired by Susana Diaz they participated the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Carmen Ortiz; members of Agricultural Organisations in the province (Asaja, COAG y UPA), Agro-food Cooperatives, Interprofessional of Fruits and Vegetables of Andalusia (Hortyfruta), the Andalusian Federation of Employers Traders Hortofrutícolas (Ecohal) of Granada, the Business Confederation of the Province of Almería (Asempal), Organizations Association of Fruit and Vegetables (APRO), Organizations Association of Producers of Fruit and Vegetables of Almería (Coexphal) and alhóndigas of this entity.

Nowadays, Almeria province brings aid approved by 99,8 million for operational programs, They are corresponding to a total investment of 115,8 million euros and account for almost 60% of total subsidies of Andalusia (173,3 million).

Investments made through these funds in Almeria are mainly attributable to four measures: production planning (43,2 million euros in aid for investment 55,5 million); improved marketing (20,4 million for an investment of 21,6 million), improving and maintaining product quality (16,7 million for an investment of 17,1 million) and environmental objectives (11,5 million euros in aid for investment 13,6 million).