Arrested three people accused of beating up a man who stole two mobile phone.

The Guardia Civil has arrested R.R.T., of 53 years old, a G.A.R.F., of 19, y a R.R.F., of 20 years old, of the town of Albox (Almería), as alleged perpetrators of a crime of violence with Robo and intimidation, after addressing a man who was beaten and seized two mobile phones.

The investigation was initiated following a complaint filed by the victim in Albox (Almería), who explained that talking on her mobile phone in one of the streets of the town when he was approached by three people with scars after punching and kicking, and even threatened with a handgun, you subtract two mobile phones.

From the investigations, agents are able to recover the phone and detain suspects on suspicion of robbery with violence and intimidation. The eldest of the detainees will consist background and numerous previous arrests for crimes against property, against public health, homicide, murder, damage, threats and coercion.

Also, I was also recently arrested accused of punch in one night a fortnight wheels of vehicles that were parked in the town streets. Agents also accuse him of causing damage estimated at about 1.600 euros, according to preliminary ratings that have estimated the owners of the cars that have suffered the ravages.

Proceedings instructed by the Guardia Civil, with detainees, have been delivered in the Court of Instruction No. 2 Huercal Overa (Almería).

(Europa Press)