Detainees reported by alleged extortionists Albox mayor accused of other crimes.

The Guardia Civil have arrested the alleged extortionists denounced by the mayor of Albox (Almería), Rogelio Mena (PSOE), during this weekend accused of other crimes after the Civil Guard intensify surveillance in the town because of the complaint filed by the ruler and approved in the.

Power and the Government Office of the Guardia Civil in Almería have confirmed that the first of the arrests took place on 22 on 16,30 horas a R.R.T., of 53 years old, who refused to perform a breath test despite showing “obvious signs of intoxication”, pinpointed.

Also, the next day he was arrested J.L.J., of 49 years old, alias ‘El Chatarrero’ accused of an alleged crime of escape from prison having breached a restraining order. In his arrest, committed on 18,30 hours, Local police officers also participated in Albox.

Both men were reported to the dean Huercal-Overa court for alleged extortion among traders in the town. The plenum unanimously approved the registration of the report, in which injunction was sought as the imprisonment of both and the prohibition of residing in the town.