Five people arrested, including two minors, accused of stealing 17.000 euros in jewels and goods.

The Guardia Civil has arrested F.C.H., of 21 years old, A.G.P.N., of 20 y A.F.R., of 19, all neighbors of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), along the minors from 15 and 17 years old, suspected of a theft crime, made in the inside of a housing, from which subtracted 17.000 euros in jewels and other valuables, according to the complaint of the victim.

The victim reported the burglary of Cuevas del Almanzora of a large number of objects, among which there were TVs, computers, clothing, jewelry, Image and sound equipment, a Spanish guitar toys t. The robbery took place in the last days of last year, advantage of the absence, during some holidays, owners of housing.

Command explains in a note, agents knew days before the robbery, a group of local youths had been lurking nearby housing, with a suspicious attitude. As a result of investigating this point, they located one of the young men who made up the group that won a series of clues pointing to the authorship of theft.

During the interview with this child with his legal guardian, Boy finally acknowledged what the facts was arrested. With the information obtained it was possible to identify the others involved in the theft of housing, who were also arrested.

These arrests enable the recovery of all stolen effects, except for the jewels, each of the detainees kept at their homes. The performance allowed find effects from other thefts reported. Proceedings with detainees were delivered in the Magistrate's Court of guard Vera (Almería) Office of Children and Almeria.

(Europa Press)