Arrests at three workshops in the region who used fake auto diagnostic equipment.

Involved workshops Purposes, Olula River and Cuevas del Almanzora.

Agents of the National Police intervened 80 counterfeit automotive diagnostic equipment in 55 workshops throughout Spain. These arrests were carried out during the development of the "Fault Operation" on already stopped, in January and February this year, those responsible for two websites where these products are sold at prices well below the original. They have been charged 53 shop owners who had purchased the equipment and vehicles used for analysis, endangering the security of the same technique and its occupants. Of these, six have been arrested and charged in the towns of Fines, Olula del Rio, Cuevas de Almanzora Almeria and Capital, all owners of franchised workshops

In early June 2013, Anti-Piracy Commission for the Automobile (CAPA) filed a complaint for an offense against intellectual property, having detected the fraudulent sale through Internet, diagnostic equipment for cars that were integral forgeries of the originals and management software. The devices in question were marketed in two websites for prices ranging between 200 and 700 euros, while the amount of the original ranges from 3.000 and 5.000 euros. On these facts, in January and February 2014, were arrested in Alicante and Castellón responsible for the web, who were intervened abundant supplies, documentation buyers and diagnostic devices, among other effects.

Large police

After conducting a study of documentation obtained, a second phase was developed in this operation, are capped by a large device that is involving a total of 80 equipment false diagnosis, that were found in 55 auto repair shops throughout Spain. A sus 53 owners are charged with responsibility for crimes against industrial property.

Interventions have allowed recall 80 computers that lack any quality control. These devices employ a software that may leave idle or unset various security functions performed by the computer, which results directly the safety of the vehicle and its passengers.

Research has been carried out by assigned to Group Tech Crime 3rd Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police agents and Barcelona Tech Crime Group of the Provincial Commissariat of Castellón, in collaboration with the Higher Headquarters in Valencia, Balearics, Navarre, Madrid, Asturias, The Basque Country, Western Andalusia, Eastern Andalusia, Galicia, Aragon, Castile and León, Castilla-La Mancha, Canarias and Extremadura.