“Crazy Romeo” new book of Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa.

Francisco Javier Fernandez EspinosaFrancisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa


The poet and writer Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa (Tíjola, Almería, 11/01/1974) reappears in the publishing scene of the hand of his latest work, entitled "Crazy Romeo", where a selection of romantic poems inspired by the author himself are collected.

In this book are reflected all the creative periods of Fernandez Espinosa, including youth and verses of the first books published since 1997 with those who have been established as representative of their poetic and serve as shown in checking the stylistic evolution of the poet and the different stages and states of maturity that have consolidated the author's work. Unpublished poems are also included.

"Crazy Romeo" opens with two prologues, written by Pilar Quirosa and Francisco Domene, Nearby poets and connoisseurs of modern poetry agile and Fernandez, who he is considered as an author of the moment and bold, to approach close to "the new sentimentality" but with recognized influences from classics 27 and 50. With prefaces it is to show love from the female and male perspectives, It initiated a dialogue or courtship with later reading the book develops. Quirosa says about the work represents "the incomprehensible trip, unspoken words, walking into oblivion materials. Tissue potency roads interrupted by the barricades of the soul, the memory of a body hologram becomes, in the midst of this hell, that is all ". On the other hand, Domene says bluntly that "if for those who love life was an endless epitaph, tested a purpose; if a world is born when two kiss, as he liked ensure Octavio Paz; if we love for who we are when we love, drink the verses of this highly recommended deranged Romeo. Then you will know why the author himself is enough to lose trains and how he comes to feel that having someone is better not to have, in the best tradition of Pedro Salinas ".

Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa and has extensive work published and is also known for his work and research interest and cultural management.

The book can be purchased through the website of Amazon, in the book section, requesting at your local bookseller or by direct request to the address administrador@elalmanzora.com and twitterDesquiciado_Rome.