Five people have been arrested for alleged burglary of the town of Cuevas de Almanzora.

The Civil Guard in the region of Murcia has developed the 'ALMANZORA' operation, Framed in the 'Plan against burglary', has allowed to dismantle a criminal group based in Eagle and it was composed of five people dedicated to theft in uninhabited homes in the village of Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería). Far, Meritorious clarified eight offenses against property, although the investigation remains open.

Specializing in prevention of public safety officers began the investigation last February, after being seized by the local police Eagles own effects various housing, as toilets, fittings or aluminum windows and whose owners could not prove their legal origin.

Early investigations focused on finding out the origin of the retrieved objects, some steps that were positive with the location of a residential area of ​​the village of Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería) where they had committed numerous burglaries in unoccupied dwellings.

They sold the stolen items through Internet

Investigations led to the Civil Guard until an Internet platform dedicated to selling products for private, which were allegedly misappropriated published materials in order to contact potential buyers.

The Guardia Civil has found that the now arrested, of Spanish nationality, Moroccan and Bolivian, and with a history of similar events, were part of a criminal organization based in the town of Eagle and directed, supposedly, theft inside homes.

This group used a common modus operandi in most of their performances: access to properties after forcing the doors or windows and subsequent subtraction of materials of various kinds, as effects of sanitation, water heaters, electrical equipment or even entire windows of homes.

The operation performed by the Civil Guard has led to the arrest of five people, suspected of the crimes of burglary, conspiracy and forgery, addition to clarifying eight offenses.

The investigation remains open in order to verify the involvement of prisoners in robberies in other locations, both within and outside the Region of Murcia.

Detainees and the proceedings have been delivered in the Court of Guard Lorca (Murcia).