Tíjola s unemployed are caring for dependents and revalue public spaces.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, He held a meeting, with the mayor of Tíjola, Mario Padilla, with workers and contract workers to develop the projects carried out in this county under programs Emple@Joven and Emple @ 30+, of the Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, allowing the recruitment of unemployed persons 18 a 29 years old, in the first case, and 30 older in the second, by municipalities to carry out works and services of local interest.

In Tíjola have been hired 54 Young to perform some revaluation of urban public spaces, by carrying out improvement works and maintenance and gardening in parks and gardens of the town, and to carry out custodial care for dependent persons in nursing home municipally owned and daycare, advocacy and cultural development and local services, cleaning, surveillance and security in the town streets and neighborhoods.

Regarding program Emple @ 30 , will be hired 20 workers to perform work on adequacy and improvement of rural road 'El Collado', involving the construction of a retaining wall in order to prevent the continuous landslides suffering this agricultural path.

New decree to promote employment

During his visit, Adriana Valverde has highlighted the recent approval by the Governing Council of the Decree on urgent measures to promote employability, stability in employment, the return of talent and promoting self-employment, that, inter alia, including the reinforcement of Emple @ Youth Program and the reformulation of Emple @ 30 in the new Emple @ 25 . Also, includes new programs for the indefinite recruitment of young and older 45 years old, the return of Andalusian people who are developing their work abroad and wish to join the Andalusian labor market and the promotion and consolidation of autonomous activity.

The Andalusian allocate more than 422 million per set of urgent measures included in this Decree, whose implementation is expected to have an impact over 60.600 new jobs in the community. Almeria province will 19,8 million to carry out projects of social and community interest from municipalities in which they may be hired unemployed youth between 18 and 24 years and unemployed people 25 older.

Guadalinfo Center Tíjola

Adriana Valverde also visited the Center Guadalinfo Tíjola, one of the 100 operating in the province of Almería, fostered by Junta de Andalucía in collaboration with the Provincial and municipal Almeria, where he was able to converse with users and user, the facilitator and a young hired through Emple @ Young program that performs support center.

The Guadalinfo of Tíjola develops during March a wide range of dynamic activities, and personalized assistance in computer use, actions for the benefit of standardization of disability or English in childhood, and, in collaboration with the local municipality, video advertising and marketing for companies tijoleñas, microwave cooking courses and holding a beer tasting. Regarding training activities, the center scheduled for this month courses to learn how to prepare the resume and job interview, to manage a blog, to produce documents in a word processor or how to conduct a stimulating creativity and how to educate through the web.

The Guadalinfo center develops tijoleño, as social innovation project, a digital Cultural Bulletin that retrieves an existing publication for decades in the town, but adapted to the knowledge society and new technologies. The center will work with local associations, business, entrepreneurs, unemployed, children and older people to develop the newsletter, every six months, which will include interviews with local people on topics of interest, stories of people who deserve to be remembered, poems, recipes, photographs, Anas, curiosities or activities relevant to note.

Territorial Delegate of Economy has highlighted the evolution of Guadalinfo from its initial objective of extending digital literacy "to become an engine of socio-economic transformation of the territory with the involvement of users, supported by the facilitators of the centers, in social innovation projects covering areas such as employment, formation, entrepreneurship, health, tourism, solidarity, care environment and equal opportunities ".

The network has been working Guadalinfo twelve years to curb the digital divide in Andalucía, ensuring that all citizens of the community, wherever they live and whatever their age or socioeconomic status, they can access new information technologies and communication. Guadalinfo has 92 centers in Almería, in municipalities with less than 20.000 people, in addition to 8 Centers Public Access Internet (Head), in urban areas at risk of social exclusion of capital, El Ejido and Nijar. Account in our province with almost 100.000 users and users.