Purchena unemployed promote tourism and culture through employment programs of the Board.

General Purchena Pannier

Thirty-eight people unemployed Purchena, 27 youth and other 10 thirty years or more, have been contracted to work on the revaluation of urban public spaces, in the promotion and cultural development of the municipality, in proximity services or the provision of custodial care and home help, among other tasks, through programs Emple@Joven and Emple @ 30+, driven by the Andalusian Government and part-financed by it and the European Social Fund to meet two sectors of the population, the youth and the unemployed 30 older, with special difficulties in finding employment. These two programs, Extraordinary Assistance Plan adds to the Contracting, included in the Decree on Urgent Measures for Social Inclusion and has allowed the City of Purchena recruiting other 25 unemployed

This is explained by the Government Delegate of the Board, Sonia Ferrer, who has moved today to Purchena to learn about projects being developed in this county through a block grant 75.573 euros to cover the salary costs of the 62 people hired through these initiatives.

Sonia Ferrer, which has been accompanied during the visit by the mayor of Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa, He held a meeting with youth, from among 18 and 29 years old, hired under Emple@Joven, He has visited some of the actions of the plan Emple @ 30+ and performing the beneficiaries of the Extraordinary Plan to Assist the Procurement.

The initiatives included in the program for the promotion of youth employment in Purchena include the promotion and cultural development, the revaluation of public spaces, custodial care and home help and local services, cleaning, Surveillance and security. As for the projects under the program Emple @ 30+, where they work 10 people, intervention are included in deteriorated public spaces, cleaning of roads and gardens, the maintenance and upkeep of parks and public facilities, and cultural and tourism promotion activities such as musealization the House of Attorney ', dissemination of the Moriscos Games and the enhancement of intangible heritage of Purchena.

Ferrer stressed that 'job creation is top priority of the Board and this goal allocate our efforts and resources'. For the regional government delegate such initiatives 'offers work experience to entrants into the labor market and people seeking retraining to return to the same'. Ferrer has stressed the continuity of these plans and referred to the forthcoming launch another program to over 45 years and the second edition of the Plan for Sustainable Construction, as 'tools for job creation'.

Visit Seron

After visiting Purchena, the government delegate has shifted to the municipality of Seron to see the new facilities of the CEIP 'Miguel Zubeldia'. Accompanied by the mayor of the town, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, He held a meeting with the management team at this school in studying 157 students, distributed 3 units and Preschool 6 Primary. The Board has allocated 1.585.499 euros to the renovation of the center, which entailed the demolition of the old school buildings and construction of new spaces, besides the 9 multipurpose classrooms, includes a multipurpose room, library, gym and dining, among other agencies.

The CEIP 'Miguel Zubeldia' provides dining services, school transport, Morning classroom and extracurricular activities. The school has plans coexistence and equality, is part of the Network Space School Peace and develops programs as 'readers families', sports schools, promoting healthy eating or eco-schools project. The Government delegate of the Board stressed 'Andalusian government's commitment to public education and quality, also for children and young people living in rural areas'.