De Haro announces the creation of an Office of Guarantees that will end episodes such as illegal housing.

General Vera

The Socialist candidate for mayor of Vera, Isabel de Haro, announced the inclusion in its election of an Office of Administrative Guarantees specially intended for community residents Vera, that will end episodes such as illegal housing.

As detailed De Haro, the new municipal service is staffed by bilingual staff and training both in legal matters such as tax, since its objective will be to provide technical advice in real estate transactions and any other "with the main purpose of enabling any community resident can be confused with the purchase of a house or any other property in Vera not have all their licenses, taxes and other legal and administrative requirements to date ", to which he added that "the most important thing right now is to regain the trust of new residents and so we must articulate effective protection measures".

The Office of Administrative Guarantees Vera (OGAV) aims to provide current residents a reference point to any concerns regarding local government or even basic information on the regional and state. Each operation is presented for monitoring will be reviewed by staff of the new service and municipal technicians, "So you can never be repeated an episode of an illegal housing, because if you do not have all relevant permits and authorizations, the Office of Administrative Guarantees Vera will not put its seal of quality to the operation ".

Similarly, the Office shall have updated and available to residents a list of lawyers, tax and professional advisors Vera who meet requirements such care in their own language or to accept lower court mediation in conflicts, to procure fast and friendly processes in event of disagreement between the parties.

De Haro intended that new residents over the past decades have been coming to Vera no foreigners feel and, in this sense, He said that "I want to be a part of us and no more 'outsiders'". "We have to make them feel protected by the City Council, who receive our gratitude for how much they have given us and all that we can provide culturally and we have not been able to exploit, because we understand that very few areas of Spain have the possibility currently exist in Almeria Levante so that new generations are bilingual not on paper, but in practice ", says.

The candidate of the Socialist includes in its program a series of measures to support the resident population from countries like UK, inter alia, and although the Office of Administrative Guarantees Vera (OGAV) will be one of its main proposals for this group, to that "care in their own language guaranteed in any municipal center adds, cultural program agreed with the associations grouped and periodic meetings to hear their demands and not just every four years ". "They are not simply part of a program, but a commitment that I assume while I apologize for the fact that other parties and other mayors from Vera not yet done so far ", concludes the candidate.