“Danzad, damn”. Biographical article by Francisco Javier Fernández Espinosa.

In the cultural life of the Valley, is not common to find times when you talk about dance or ballet. Performances held in the scenic areas of Almanzora throughout our history perhaps could be counted on the fingers of one hand, the aventurándome to take Riesgos, DRIA that two. This is a critical minority discipline that requires a high degree of expertise and training, identified with the cultural elite. Apparently the reasons given to claim a poco attention to this artistic discipline, combining aesthetic and athletic body language with the harmony of music and drama, if it was not a descendant of the Catalan almanzoríes diaspora is quite a figure of international prestige.

Ramón Oller Martinez was born in Esparraguera (Barcelona) in 1962. Tijoleños His parents had to emigrate in search of work and a better future, something that was common at the time and we have now been renewed. Ramón studied drama at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, later extended his studies in classical dance in Paris and London. He debuted with the company Gelabert-Aezopardi, developed from 1984 over forty successful choreographies, started with "Two and a half days".

After founding the Company "Meters" has worked with numerous companies, highlighting among others the National Dance Company, the National Ballet of Spain, Ballet Cristina Hoyos, Ballet Hispanico of New York, Ballet Opera Essen, Dagoll Dagom, the Gran Teatro del Liceo, Teatro de la Zarzuela, the Lliure, National Ballet of Paraguay or the Goodspeed Opera House, as an example of the extensive experience of their work, which also served to hold the offices of Curriculum Coordinator of the Andalusian Centre of Dance and Contemporary Dance Advisor between 1996 and 2006.

His most celebrated assembly was made adaptation of Bizet's opera "Carmen", which also introduces music of Martyrdom, achieving a romantic and poetic atmosphere, with hints of flamenco and paso doble which has been performed more than a thousand times by the confines of the world map. He also dared to Puccini, getting an adaptation of "Madame Butterfly" that satisfied audiences and critics unanimously. The dance interpretation suggests that Ramon is full of talent and imagination, with firm pillars classicism while repeatedly revolutionized every body movement, as a unique time scale although memory I'll remember. All these virtues have not been foreign to compliment awards, he's been hailed as a benchmark in the international art scene. I will mention only some, as Choreographic Competition Award "Tortola Valencia" (1984), Award for best dance given by the New York Times, the City of Barcelona Prize for Performing Arts (1988), National Dance Award from the Ministry of Culture (1994), Award of the Association of Directors of Scene Spain (1993 and 1997) Award or Performing Arts La Generalitat (2003).

Ramón Oller has also had a commendable job promotion and teaching of Dance, as a professor of composition Theatre Institute of Barcelona, studies within Higher Level Contemporary Dance, and director of the Institute between 2006 and 2008. Recently serving as resident choreographer of the Ballet Theatres of the Generalitat Valenciana, ending this way stormy relationship with reproaches of censorship and copyright.

The untiring vocation choreography by Ramón leave motivated scenarios 1996, when he made his last tour as a dancer with the first contemporary dance montage produced for the Centro Andaluz de Danza, called "Pictures in memory". However, in 2001, when he was 39 years of age he climbed back on stage, representing "Sin Pescado", mounting an eclectic rhythmic music Shubert, Frank Sinatra y Brigitte Bardot. Another sign of innate courage creator while interpreted.

With the appearance on the scene of another illustrious native Almanzora, awakens in me the certainty of not cease the effort misunderstood (sometimes) to claim and proclaim the winds that our virtue is in our people, sometimes so famous and anonymous that could be antagonistic, but inspiring sacrifice of virtue and worthy of praise. Cobra Pollack's work force: “Danzad, Danzad, Damned ".

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