Cuevas began its AgroTIC program that will help businesses to move to the green economy

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The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora initiated the project AgroTIC, which it granted the Biodiversity Foundation, Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment, under the Program Empleaverde 2017 and co-funded by FEDER. An action that is part of the Comprehensive Strategic Plan Cuevas del Almanzora 2016-2025, one of its main strategic axes, whose economic goal is to place the municipality as business excellence environment for agribusiness 4.0 and green and blue economy.

The project, denominado AgroTIC, It aims to help cuevanas companies in the transition to the green economy. As it indicated the mayor of economic development María Isabel Alarcón, "The implementation of this project will implement new technologies in food production in our municipality in order to make it more efficient in the use of natural resources such as water and earth".

The AgroTIC program has a budget of 135.000 euros for the modernization of the food industry and can create new business models circular economy, adapting the sector to climate change.

They are going to start three axes of action: running workshops, advisory work and action of social innovation. Regarding workshops, They are to implement the following: use drones in agriculture, use of sensors to improve the use of water and energy, creating business models and how to apply technology to create new products in agriculture.

As for the advice, This project involves advising in person and self-employed workers in the implementation of technologies in their companies. For his part, the action of social innovation, It would be carried out through a day of work training.