Cuevas del Almanzora will this course 2019/2020 the Conservatory of Music

Urracal naturally

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora expressed his great satisfaction with confirmation that next year 2019/2020 the Conservatory of Music will be implemented in Cuevas del Almanzora, to convert Elemental Conservatory of the town.

This achievement was already announced in September last year, when, after a year of work between the municipal government team and former government team of the Andalusian, was achieved in the Andalusian Parliament approved the transformation of Cuevano Conservatory to receive vocational education.

As he pointed out the Councilor for Education of the City, Ana Maria Castro, "Since we came to rule the Consistory in the year 2015 we have been managing to get this professionalization of our Conservatory, as we understand that it is important that our students do not have to make a large number of kilometers in order to continue training in arts education and music. But, above all, it is necessary to thank the parents, students and teachers, as well as music lovers, its continuous efforts for over 20 years to show us all the importance of having professionalized teaching music in this area ".

De facto, the Conservatory of Music to the north of the province of Almeria will be the Cuevas, something that gives an example of how education, in all areas, It has been a priority for the Government team Cuevano.

"It's an enormous satisfaction and we have to thank the efforts of parents, teachers and students who have struggled so many years to make this a reality ", He added the Mayor of Cuevas, Antonio Fernández Liria, who has reiterated the commitment of his team and himself to education and citizens' demands are what first comes to managing the City.

From this course, The northern area of ​​the province of Almeria have a Conservatory of Music and will be in Cuevas del Almanzora.


Enlargement Alvarez de Sotomayor school

It is not the only good news in education that is experiencing these days Cuevas, since in this week, It has materialized other necessary action for the municipality as is the award of the works that will reform and expand the school Alvarez de Sotomayor.

"It also comes thanks to the efforts that have always made the parents of students who have always been soldiering to be carried out", He explained the Councilor for Education, and also "because we have always been clear that you had to make every effort, travels, necessary steps so that this center will have this performance that will have more than 675 squares and have a redistribution of spaces, besides increasing them, to have a more comfortable facilities, spacious, modern and appropriate. In the end, serious work has its results. Also thanks to the previous government team of the Board understood and was predisposed to us to tell this work ", he pointed out Castro.