Cuevas del Almanzora enters the Network of Municipalities and Circular Economy

Antonio Fernandez with Maribel Alarcón.

Antonio Fernandez with Maribel Alarcón.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has joined the network of Municipalities and Circular Economy promoted by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces FEMP and the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate.

This is one of the actions that are part of the Strategic and Comprehensive Plan of Cuevas del Almanzora 2016-2025 which promotes increase efforts to reduce environmental impacts, climate and health of people.

Circular Economy promote modelo sustainable urban development, increasing the demand for socio-economic activities generating environmental goods and services, which will result in green jobs and social use of higher quality and value added.

Cuevas del Almanzora becomes part of this stream of municipalities develop local strategies for circular economy that favor the zero discharge, recycling (especially biowaste), reducing food waste, promoting eco-design, waste prevention, reuse and recycling and promoting public procurement of green products.